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This platform is created for those who want to just inspire themselves believing only study does not make your life worth. Few years of a human beings existence that’s called life .Do not waste by just making money ,name and fame.

According to me life is not just a profit loss statement .Ya ya I know this sounds familiar yup this is famous line from legendary movie Three Idiots. So I was telling you if you all need is just Rs.1,000 per day to live a life where your brain and your damn face are always happy than why to waste your precious smile in earning Rs,1,00,000 per day . I know our 99.9% of problems can be solved by money but you why are we trying to keep money to solve 99999.9% of our problem which will never be .

Enjoy your life the way your heart says . Sometimes without thinking of what we shall do for better future just do what shall be best for your 32 teeth and your damn dimple ,don’t worry dimple is optional

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Bizarre Thoughts

When I see them from their eye they all seems to be broken. Is this life?Hame wo kyo nahi milta jo hame chaiye hota hai.Kya acha hona itna bura hai .. kya mai sach me acha hu ya sirf mughe lgta hai. Jruri to nahi ki hm sahi ho. Yesa bhi ho skta hai kiContinue reading “Bizarre Thoughts”


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